Monday, May 10, 2010

Kimilili Handcrafted Cheese

We use only the best ingredients in the Bartholomeus Klip kitchen and, fortunately for us, the best cheeses can be found at Kimilili Farm a mere 40km away on the R46 in the Tulbagh Valley.

At Kimilili Farm they are dedicated to making hand-crafted cheese. As 'fermier' cheesemakers, they raise their own cows and exclusively process their own milk, and in doing so control the quality of the milk and ensure that only the best raw materials are used when making their cheeses. They follow natural farming practices to establish and improve their pastures, and no pesticides or commercial dairy feeds are used on the farm.

Their cows are fed only on clover, a variety of grasses, oats, hay and lucerne, with never any hormones or antibiotics in the feed. In the cheese-making process only cheese cultures, vegetarian rennet and salt are used, with no colourants, stabilizers or additives.

There are two maturing rooms where the cheese ripens for anything from three to 12 months. During this time the cheese is carefully tended, being washed and turned on a weekly basis to ensure even distribution of moisture and a uniform rind. As the cheese matures, it loses moisture and develops intense flavours.

A range of semi-soft to hard cheese types, mostly Swiss and French styles, is produced and includes Vintershook, a French munster type, semi-soft Feta in plain, herb or smoked flavours, Tulbagh, a herbed gouda, and Mountain cheese, with a nutty character. At the moment we are enjoying a new addition to their range named Tulbagh blue, a creamy blue with a rustic flavour. It is sharp and a bit salty, absolutely perfect with preserves and port.

TEL/FAX: +27 23 231 1503
Directions: Available on their website. To visit the farm, please call ahead.

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  1. Mmmm, enjoyed these cheeses two weeks ago! Next time I will try and visit the farm.